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  • July 29 – New Video – six conservative historical figures – this week we are featuring our fourth – Martin Luther King Jr – interesting take. Check out below on the front page of the video section
  • July 25 – We know there is bias in the media, but why is this so?  We answer the question in current columns
  • July 2 – Our latest historical figure of the month – Antonin Scalia – he was so good, we are holding his quotes for an extra month
  • June 26 – New video – Trump and Obama are COMPLETELY different right? Maybe not as much as you think – check out below on the front page in the video section
  • June 1 – Neither Gone, Nor Forgotten – Clinton’s Incredible Commencement Address – in Current Columns
  • May 15 – Liberal Scope Creep – how something always gets bigger with liberal programs, especially Medicaid – in Current Columns
  • April 29 – The Man Who Became President without winning an election – why is Gerald Ford 23 on our list – see the list in recent articles
  • April 19 – We continue to rank the presidents by conservative governance.  Today’s addition is Truman – check out the list in recent articles
  • April 16 – Why Are Some Countries Better at War – Supply Chain is the Key – learn more in current columns

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  • More on the presidential rankings
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