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  • August 18 – The removal of Confederate monuments is now front and center of the national debate.  But why were these monuments built in the first place and what would be the impact of their removal?  The Conservative Historian weighs in.  Check out our Current Columns section.
  • July 29 – New Video – six conservative historical figures – this week we are featuring our fourth – Martin Luther King Jr – interesting take. Check out below on the front page of the video section
  • July 25 – We know there is bias in the media, but why is this so?  We answer the question in current columns
  • July 2 – Our latest historical figure of the month – Antonin Scalia – he was so good, we are holding his quotes for an extra month
  • June 26 – New video – Trump and Obama are COMPLETELY different right? Maybe not as much as you think – check out below on the front page in the video section
  • June 1 – Neither Gone, Nor Forgotten – Clinton’s Incredible Commencement Address – in Current Columns
  • May 15 – Liberal Scope Creep – how something always gets bigger with liberal programs, especially Medicaid – in Current Columns
  • April 29 – The Man Who Became President without winning an election – why is Gerald Ford 23 on our list – see the list in recent articles
  • April 19 – We continue to rank the presidents by conservative governance.  Today’s addition is Truman – check out the list in recent articles
  • April 16 – Why Are Some Countries Better at War – Supply Chain is the Key – learn more in current columns

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  • More on the presidential rankings
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